Zach Chitwood should have his life more together than he does, but overall he’s a half-decent guy with an avid affection for reading good literature and sipping Blue Moons in his backyard. When he’s not lounging at the picnic tables of Appalachian Mountain Brewery, he’s probably watching Joe Ingles drop buckets. He is a semi-sagacious individual with keen interests in American Spirits, Mura Masa, Fleetwood Mac, Studio Ghibli films, The Wire, and stealing pint glasses. He considers Tupac the greatest writer of the modern era.

Tana Stamper has 13 different types of plants, four tapestries, and a sea salt lamp in her bedroom. She listens to Glass Animals or Maggie Rogers at all times and makes any household task into a drinking game. She loves to smile and laugh and enjoys the company of any person who will watch Chopped with her. She is a Leo. Also, she kicks Zach’s ass at board games.

Tyler Chitwood is a big man with a big heart. He spent his first semester of college attending Arizona State in Tempe, Arizona, then Central Piedmont Community College, and now is a sophomore at Appalachian State University. He is a 6’3’’ semi-professional ping pong player who use to own a Juul.  Beyond being a student, he rotates through several video games (Kingdom Hearts, Borderlands 2, and God of War are some of his most frequently played) and listens to a wide variety of artists like DMX, Franz Liszt, Brockhampton, Toro Y Moi, and random SoundCloud artists. He sometimes plays online poker. His greatest achievement was when he reached the top 500 Mario Kart 8 players in North America.